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An advertisement for lands in Canada published by the Canada Company in 1826
(Catalogue ref: CO 386/155)
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[Shows Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Above the lakes is Canada. Below the lakes is the United States. In the north is the Chippewa Hunting Country. On the left is a table of distances from Toronto to Amherstburgh. On the right is a table of distances from Toronto to Montreal.]

In issuing their Prospectus for the present season, the Directors trust they may venture to congratulate the Public on the complete restoration of tranquillity in the Canadas.

The determined courage shewn by all classes of the inhabitants in repelling the invaders of their country affords the best guarantee that such acts of aggression will not be repeated.

No doubt the disturbances alluded to have greatly interfered to check Emigration during the last two seasons. But the measures which are now become necessary to restore confidence, and to fix the future prosperity of the Provinces on a more solid basis, accompanied as they have been by a large expenditure of British money in the Canadas, have already given a fresh stimulus to the trade and agriculture of the country.

It is probable some measure for the encouragement of Emigration to the Canadas on an extended scale may be sanctioned by Parliament, but in any event public attention is now strongly directed towards Upper Canada, which requires only to be known to ensure a vast influx of British industry and capital.

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HURON TRACT BELONGING TO THE CANADA COMPANY On a larger Scale than the above. [It shows:] Lake Huron Indian Territory Land belonging to the Crown [Sections for settlers] London Western District

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London, 2d February, 1843.

THE CANADA COMPANY desirous of affording every facility to parties wishing to settle in the Huron District in Canada West, and who may not have the means of paying the usual sum down in Cash, will grant Leases of their Lands for twelve years, at small annual rents, commencing one year from the date of the Lease, at the expiration of which Lease and the punctual payment of the yearly Rents, the settler will receive a Deed for the freehold of the Land he occupies without further charge. The rents are so proportioned that an industrious man may pay them, and maintain his family from the produce of the Land.

No Money is required to be paid down.

The Rents payable annually for a Lot of 100 Acres are as follow, and they are required to be punctually discharged.

  £ s d  
At the end of the 1st year 2 0 0 Currency.
At the end of the 2d year 3 0 0  
At the end of the 3d year 4 0 0  
At the end of the 4th year 6 5 0  
At the end of the 5th year 8 0 0  
At the end of the 6th year 9 5 0  
At the end of the 7th year 10 5 0  
At the end of the 8th year 11 0 0  
At the end of the 9th year 12 0 0  
At the end of the 10th year 13 10 0  
At the end of the 11th year 14 10 0  
At the end of the 12th year 16 10 0  

Settlers desirous of obtaining Lands of the Canada Company upon the foregoing terms are requested to apply on their arrival in Canada to the Company’s Commissioners T. M. JONES and FREDERICK WIDDER, ESQRS., at Toronto and Goderich. Any further information may be obtained at the Company’s House, 13, St. Helen’s Place, London.
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