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Extract from the Delhi Gazette newspaper, June 1858, on rebellion against British rule
(By permission of The British Library, ORB 40/101)
The Delhi Gazette Extra.
Agra:-Sunday, 20th June, 1858.

The following telegram has just been received from Sir Robert Hamilton.

The Ranee of Jhansee is killed. Maharajah Scindia has arrived. Brigadier Smith took four guns in the fight yesterday.

E. A. Reade.
Agra, 19th June, 8 p.m.

From Sir Hugh Rose.
Palace Gwalior, 19th June, 1858.

The force under my command took Gwalior after a general action, which lasted five hours and a half, the enemy evacuated the fort, - my Cavalry and Artillery are in pursuit.

E. A. Reade.
Agra, 20th June, 1858.

From Lucknow, we hear that another fight has taken place near Nuwabgunge and several of our Officers have been wounded. We have seven of the enemy's guns, a great number of the rebels killed. The Begum destroyed the bridge over the Gogra so they were obliged to fight, as they could not retreat.

The Moulvie is reported near Lucknow! but our letters from Shahjehanpore state, that his head, now upon a pole in the middle of the City, has been thoroughly recognized, as well as sundry articles belonging to him.
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