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Extract from an Admiralty document of 1850 on ways to stop the slave trade
(Catalogue ref: ADM 7/606)
Source 2a

Admiralty, May 6th, 1850.


I am directed by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to state to you, that their Lordships are desirous to obtain any information or suggestions which may contribute, and render more effectual, the efforts of Her Majesty's Government to check the Slave Trade.

With this view their Lordships are desirous that you should communicate to them such observations as your acquaintance with the coast may enable you to submit, in the fullest and most unreserved manner.- And their Lordships will consider your communication as confidential.

Their Lordships do not desire in any way to controul or guide the observations you may wish to make, but they think it may be convenient to suggest some points to which your attention will naturally turn.
1. The comparative advantages of inshore and other systems of cruizing, and how far any particular system can be adopted.
2. The class of Vessels best adapted for the service.
3. Whether the captured slavers can be advantageously employed as cruizers?
4. As to the best means of securing a regular communication with the Brazils, and England, and the Cape of Good Hope.
5. Whether the destruction of the Barracoons (so far as it may be done consistently with the law of the nations) is effective in checking the Slave Trade?
6. As to the mode in which the crew of the captured slavers is dealt with - whether measures might not be taken more likely to affect them than is now done - this is to be considered on the supposition that no change takes place in the present law, and not with the view of introducing an Act of Parliament to punish the slave crew.
7. Whether it is advisable to alter the present mode of distributing the bounty - and if so, in what manner?
8. What are the best arrangements for coaling and victualling the squadron?

You will direct your answer to me, marked confidential.

I am, Sir,
Your most obedient Servant,

Source 2b

Commander C Hall

Captured Slavers Crews should all be narrowly watched, and all their valuables taken from them for the benefit of Captors, and at once turned on shore on the most unfriendly part of the Coast, but scantily clothed to take their chance. This is the greatest punishment at present, and much too lenient.

Captain A Layton
To make it Piracy as far as the Masters are concerned would have a very good effect. By landing them on the Coast they are sometimes captured twice in Twelvemonth.
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