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Picture of a gift from the city of Adelaide to Queen Victoria in 1897
(Catalogue ref: PP 1/636)
May it please your Majesty:

We, the Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors, and Citizens of Your most loyal City of Adelaide, in the Province of South Australia, do humbly desire to convey to You our congratulations on the attainment by Your Majesty of a longer and more glorious reign than any of Your predecessors on the British Throne.

We desire also to assure Your Majesty of our continued allegiance to Your Throne and Person.

Our fervent prayers are that Almighty God, Who in His mercy has vouchsafed unto Your Majesty so many and such great blessings, may still continue to shower upon You His Divine favours, that You may long live in the enjoyment of health and the choicest gifts that Providence can bestow, and experience on the Throne a full measure of the happiness that attends the good government of a free and united people.

Dated at the Town Hall, Adelaide, South Australia, this XXIInd [22nd] day of June, MDCCCXCVII. [1897]

We humbly subscribe ourselves, on behalf of all the Members of the City Council and the whole of the Citizens.

Your Majesty's most obedient humble Servants.

[Signed by the Mayor and the Town Clerk]
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