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Government notice relating to gold mining in New South Wales, 1851
(Catalogue ref: CO 201/444)
Supplement to the New South Wales Government Gazette of Tuesday, 20 May, 1851. Published by authority. Thursday, 22 May, 1851.


His Excellency the Governor of New South Wales ......

By Law all gold mines and gold in its natural deposit within New South Wales, whether it is on Crown land or on land belonging to subjects of the Queen, belongs to the Crown. The government has received information that many people have begun, or are about to begin, digging for gold for their own profit in Bathurst County and other areas without the permission of the Crown. I declare that anyone doing this without receiving authority from Her Majesty's colonial government will be prosecuted as the law allows. I also give notice that any further regulations that are needed will quickly be prepared and published, setting out the terms of licenses that will be issued on the payment of a reasonable fee.

C. A. Fitz Roy.
By His Excellency's Command,
E. D. Thomson.
God save the Queen!
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