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Poster encouraging migrants to come to South Australia, 1840s
(Catalogue ref: CO 386/155)
Source 5a

On behalf of the South Australian Mining Company, and with the sanction of Her Majesty's Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners.

South Australia.
Under the Management of MESSRS. JOHN MARSHALL & CO.

Source 5b

Trade or Calling.

1. The classes admissible are Miners, Agricultural Labourers, Female Domestic Servants and Shepherds. A few Gardeners may also be accepted, and a few Mechanics, such as Blacksmiths, Carpenters, and Wheelwrights.

2. Persons taking but a small capital with them, to buy Land in the Colony, or to invest in Trade, are not eligible for a free passage, nor are their families.

3. Persons resident in a Workhouse, or in the habitual relief of parish relief, are not considered eligible for a free passage.

Description of Family and Age.

4. The Emigrants must consist principally of married couples, not above 40 years of age at their last birthday, who will be required to produce their marriage certificates.

The Candidates most acceptable are young couples who have no children; and no family can be accepted which includes more than two children under seven years of age.

5. Single women, between the age of 15 and 30, are admissible, if emigrating under the care of married relatives, or under engagement as domestic servants to ladies going out as cabin passengers in the same ship.

6. Single men are taken, if between the ages of 18 and 30, and of the classes named in paragraph 1: it is most desirable, when possible, that in every case single men should be accompanied by sisters, or other unmarried relatives.

7. All Emigrants, Adults as well as Children, must have been vaccinated, or have had the Small Pox. ......

17. The Emigrants will be as free on arrival at their destination as they are in England: they will be at liberty to engage to whatever master, and at whatever wages they think fit. Emigrants are maintained ten days on board ship after arrival.



(Extracted from the Colonization Circular, issued by Her Majesty's Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners.)

Farm Labourers, Shepherds, and Agricultural Servants generally, obtain about 25 in year, with lodgings and rations.
Bricklayers, Three Shillings a day.
Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, and Masons, from Five to Seven Shillings a day, according to their ability.
Domestic Servants, Cooks &c, 15 to 25 a year, with board and lodging.
Sawyers, about 4 per 1000 feet.
Miners, Thirty to Forty Shillings a week, with rations.
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