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Extract from a letter written in 1838 by missionaries in Australia asking for help from the Governor of New South Wales
(Catalogue ref: CO 201/280)
The vast number of Europeans coming into the area of the McQuarie in the last two years has tended to destroy the natural resources, which the Aborigines rely on for food. This means they are tempted into practices which are very common in the interior [killing settlers' livestock or having to seek work in towns]. Unless something is done, this cannot fail to lead to the total extinction of the Aborigines, as has already happened with some of their tribes.

No doubt His Excellency the Acting Governor will see the need for the Aborigines to have the mission at Wellington Valley as a quiet and peaceful retreat. They can learn about our religion and at the same time be free from those traps which Europeans lay for them. When we tell Her Majesty's Government about the great and daily increasing injuries inflicted on the unoffending Aborigines by merciless Europeans, we hope that missionaries and Aborigines will be protected at the mission station from those people who would be a bad influence.
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