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Letter by a British official in 1759 on the Seven Years War in India
(Catalogue ref: SP 54/45/72)
I have the Honour of your Lordships Letter of 12th Instant, enclosing an Extraordinary Gazette of the Success of His Majesty's Arms in the Indian Seas, and the Gallant Defence of the Garrison of Madras, which gives me the highest pleasure and Satisfaction, and I beg leave to return my Thanks to your Lordship for the Communication of this good News, and to offer Your Lordship my Congratulations thereon, and my sincere Wishes for a Continuance of that remarkable Success, with which his Majesty's Arms have of late been crowned in almost every Undertaking, which reflects great Honour on Your Lordship and those eminent Persons joined with your Lordship in the Management of Affairs.
I am with great Esteem & Regard
My Lord
  Your Lordship’s  
  Most humble and  
  Most obedient servant  
  G Beauclerk  
  The Earl of Holderness  
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