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Letter about the pepper trade written in 1710 by the East India Company to the British monarch
(Catalogue ref: SP 34/30/68)
Source 4a

To the Queens Most Excellent Majesty
The humble Representation of The United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies

Most humbly sheweth

That the Company have received advices from their Factors at Bombay by their last ships and since Overland by way of Persia of several attempts made by the Dutch East India Company in an hostile manner and by Firing on the Companys Factory to engross the whole Pepper Trade on the coast of Mallabar as by the Copys of the clauses of their Letters and other Papers hereunto annexed appear and to which they humbly refer.

That if the Pepper on that coast should be engrossed by them they might very easily seiz upon and secure all the other Pepper production in India, because the Samorine mentioned in the said Advices is the most Potent of all the Princes who inhabit the Pepper Countrys.

Source 4b

That the Company have at a very great Expense endeavoured to preserve a Settlement at Benjar on the Island Borneo but have been lately drove from thence by the Natives treacherously falling upon them at unawares being as is justly to be feared instigated thereto by the Dutch East India Company Servants.

That there is no other part of India where Pepper grows, out of Dutch hands - Except the Island Sumatra and there the Company have all the expence of Severall Hundred Thousand Pounds endeavour'd to preserve a footing to their great loss and it would be their Interest to throw up the same were it not that they are more concerned for the Benefitt of the Nation than themselves. ......

Wherefore the said United Company most humbly intreat your Majesty will be gratiously pleased to take the premisses into your Royall Consideration and to do therein as to your Majestys great Wisdom shall seem meet.

Sign'd by Order of the Said Company
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