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Royal Africa Company document commenting on British expansion in Africa, 1749
(Catalogue ref: T 1/337/51)
The humble Memorial of the Royal African Company of England shows

That in the last session of Parliament a sum not exceeding ten thousand pounds was granted to his Majesty towards the support of the trade in Africa. This should be used in a manner that His Majesty should judge proper. Parliament advises that the money should be spent on preserving and securing the forts, castles and settlements upon the coast of Africa as His Majesty in his Royal wisdom should judge proper ..

Your writers, the Royal Company of Africa, are concerned to do their duty to your Majesty and to Parliament and are concerned to protect the value which the forts and castles have for British trade and the plantations and their own wealth as Company Directors. We ask you to urgently send recruits of men, stores, provisions and various goods which can be used to pay for supplying the forts by trading with local Africans. The Company offers any aid, service or assistance it can give to make it more easy and effective to achieve the aims of the grant given by Parliament.
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