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Extract from British laws called the Townshend Acts, passed in 1767
(House of Lords Record Office: HL/PO/PU/1/1766/7G3n172)
[An Act for granting certain duties upon the trade in coffee and cocoa nuts of the said colonies or plantations; and on china earthenware exported to America; and for more effectually preventing the clandestine running of goods in the said colonies and plantations.]

Whereas it is expedient that a revenue should be raised in your Majesty's Dominions in America for making a more certain and adequate provision for defraying the charge of the administration of justice and the support of civil government in such provinces where it shall be found necessary and towards further defraying the expenses of defending protecting and securing the said dominions We your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled have therefore resolved to give and grant unto your Majesty the several rates and duties hereinafter mentioned.
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