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A report written in September 1759 by a British army officer commenting on developments in the Seven Years War
(Catalogue ref: WO 55/283)
The whole army of between ten and eleven thousand men under General Amherst who are coming this way are all here except three regiments which are protecting another convoy which is coming up. Everything is here except the heavy artillery and powder, and the flat-bottomed vessels for transporting troops across the lake are being prepared. Then the convoy will begin to set out across the lake [Lake Ontario] which in my opinion will be in about eight or ten days. Major General Wolfe with the fleet and troops sailed from Louisburg for the river St Lawrence on the 6th of this month. Brigadier Prideaux with his army of about 5000 men arrived at Oswego on the 26th of last month and Brigadier Stanwix is on his march towards Fort Pittsburgh on the Ohio.
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