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Extract from a 1752 report on growing silk in the North American colony of Georgia
(Catalogue ref: T 1/348/126)
Source 5a

The Quantity of Raw Silk raised in the last Season was very little more than what was produced in the foregoing, which was owing to the uncommon Severity and Length of the Winter, which killed many of the Worms at the first hatching. However, as several more Women then learnt the Art of Reeling, as two more Filatures have since then been built, and the Plantations of Mulberry

Source 5b

Trees are greatly improved, some Increase of the Silk must be reasonably expected this year. But if the aforesaid Messieurs Habersham and Robinson of Savanah in Georgia are empowered to draw as far as the Sum of One thousand pounds for Expences defrayed by them on the Silk Accounts ..
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