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A request from the Twightwee Native Americans to the British government for weapons and supplies in 1752
(Catalogue ref: T 1/348/120)
Our good Brother of Virginia
This comes by our brother Thomas Bunney who was with us in the last unhappy battle we had with our enemies the French, and French Indians who engaged our fort at a time when all our warriors and quickest men were out a hunting; they had two hundred and forty men who appeared suddenly and took us by surprise ..

Brothers, we send you by our brother Bunney one scalp and a belt of wampum, to let you know we are more concerned for the good of our king, and our brothers that were taken and killed than for ourselves, although we are in great distress because we lack arms and ammunition, for we must consider ourselves lost if our brothers the English do not stand by us, and give us powder, lead and arms. ......

PS [Written by Bunney] There were two Frenchmen among the Indians at the time of the raid, although we understand that there were thirty Frenchmen within two miles of the action, who were ready to receive their share of the plunder.
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