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Proposal to claim lands in America for the English Crown, c.1690
(Catalogue ref: CO 5/1 f48)
The country for which a Patent is desired is situated in the centre of the Northern part of America between .. the north boundary of Carolina and the south bounds of Canada, having to the East Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and to the West the Pacific.

By taking this land, there will be many benefits for the English nation and its rulers. The French will lose some of the richest parts of their commerce, including the fur trade, most of which is brought through this land to Canada and which brings them fifty thousand pounds profit each year.

If we controlled this land they would be forced to carry out their trade with great difficulty and great expense because they would be forced to get past the great waterfalls which they would have to do by landing their canoes and then launching them again further up the river when they have passed the waterfalls.

The English by settling on this land may completely destroy the French commerce with the Indians and secure this trade for themselves.
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