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Proposal to claim lands in America for the English Crown, c.1690
(Catalogue ref: CO 5/1 f48)
Source 2a

The Country for which a Patent is desired is Situate in the Center of the Northern part of America between the Degrees of 36 and the North boundary of Carolina and 46 and the south bounds of Canada, having to the East, the West bounds of Virginia, Maryland and Pensilvania and to the west the Pacifick or south Sea.


By appropriating this Country the English many great benefits will accrue to their Maj's the English nation and Proprietors. Viz.

Source 2b

The French will be thereby deprived of one of the Richer branches of their Commerce, the Trade of Furrs most of which are brought out of this Country to Canada amounting to fifty Thousand pounds yearly profitt to them by modest Computation, this advantageous Trade is Effected by the French with wonderfull Difficulty great expence and danger for they are forced to pass besides the aforemenconed divers Cataracts which is done by Landing their Cannooes and Launching them again when past the falls of Water. The English by Setting on this side the Cataract may without difficulty perfectly destroy the French Comerce with the Indians and Secure the Trade wholy to themselves.
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