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This glossary is organised in alphabetical order. If you are looking for a word (eg leave) it might be part of a phrase (eg ticket of leave)
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Raj name given to British rule of India in the late 1800s and early 1900s
raw materials goods such as timber, rubber etc used to make other goods
red tape administrative detail, e.g. filling in forms
refine to make better; to make pure, e.g. sugar was refined from sticky pulp to make the white crystals we know
relief help for poor people
representation system of MPs who represent the people who elect them
republic state with no monarch, run by a President
republican person who believes their state should be a republic
revenue income
rivalry competition
runaway term sometimes used to describe slaves who escaped their owners
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slave person who is owned by another person
Spion Kop Battle from the Boer War of 1899-1902
Sultan ruler of the East African port of Zanzibar (the title was used by many rulers in East Africa and Arabia)
Sumatra island in the Pacific Ocean
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tariff tax placed on trade
tenant person who rents land or property from a landlord
ticket of leave ticket given to convicts in Australia which they could use to get home after serving their sentence or exchange for some land and settle in Australia
trade route way from one place to another by land or sea, by which trade goods were transported
trader merchant; person who buys and sells things
transportation punishment for certain crimes by being sent away from one country to another country and held there for a period of time
agreement between countries
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Unionist Irish group who wanted Ireland to remain British
unsophisticated simple
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vaccine medicine to prevent disease
viceroy British official who ruled India in the place of the British monarch
victuals food or supplies
Virginia area of British North America which became part of the USA after 1783
Volksraad South African Parliament
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wampum a type of belt used by Native Americans to show an agreement or treaty had been agreed
West Indies group of islands in the Caribbean Sea
Wolfe British general who captured Quebec from the French in the Seven Years War
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Xhosa a group of people from Southern Africa
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No Entry there is no entry for this letter
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Zulu a group of people from Southern Africa
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