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Malabar island in the Pacific Ocean
malaria deadly tropical disease carried by mosquitoes
manifesto plan set out by a political party saying what they will do
Manila city in the Philippines
goods made in large amounts using machinery, often in factories, (rather than grown or made in small workshops)
Maryland area of British North America which became part of the USA after 1783
Matabele group of people who lived in southern Africa
migration movement of people
minerals stuff formed naturally in the earth, e.g. gold, diamonds, coal, stone, salt, oil
missionary person who tries to spread their religion (Christianity) and often offers practical things as well, e.g. medicine, education etc
motive Reason why something was done
Mughal Muslim emperors who ruled India before the British
muslin type of cloth
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nabob a British merchant who made money out of India and retired to Britain
nationalist person who believes that a particular area should be ruled by the people who live in it as a nation
Peoples of North America, often referred to as American Indians or just Indians
nawab an Indian ruler
negotiate try to make a deal
black African
Indian nationalist leader and later Prime Minister of India
Newfoundland area of Canada
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Ohio area of British North America which became part of the USA after 1783
oligarchy small group running a country without consulting anyone else
Ontario area of Canada
opium addictive drug made from poppies, similar to modern heroin
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partition division of a country
division of India in 1947 into India and Pakistan
division of Ireland in 1922 into Irish Free State and Northern Ireland
patent Official document giving a person the sole right to make, sell or use something
Philippines islands in the Pacific Ocean
pilgrims people travelling to a religious site
plantation large farm, usually for crops like sugar, tea, tobacco
profit money made from a business deal
pyre Fire; pile of wood for burning a dead body
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Quebec area of Canada
quinine medicine to fight malaria
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