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Dahomey West African state
debase to make corrupt or worth less
decolonisation process where countries who were once colonies ruled by foreign powers like Britain get their independence (see also glossary entry for colonisation)
discrimination treating some people worse than others because of their race, beliefs etc
diwani the right to collect taxes in the Indian province of Bengal
durbar meeting of Indian princes
duties taxes on goods which were traded
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eligible able to choose; suitable
empire group of countries under one government
present-day organisation which links the countries of Europe through trade
explorer someone who goes to unknown places for reasons such as to map the land, to spread religion, to look for wealth etc
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famine large scale food shortage leading to disease and death
Fenian Irish group opposed to British rule over Ireland
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Gandhi Indian nationalist leader
Ganges river in India
Georgia area of British North America which became part of the USA after 1783
the most senior British official in countries run by the British
guileless Innocent; without dishonesty
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Hindu one of the main religious faiths of India
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indenture a type of contract, which usually involved a worker working for a number of years to pay off a loan or debt
Indians people of India (but see also the glossary entry for Native Americans)
indolent lazy
Indonesia huge collection of islands in the Pacific, now an independent state
infiltrate sneak into something; enter secretly with an unfriendly purpose
invest use money to make more money, e.g. spend money to make a business work
Free State
Dominion created in 1922 which was made of up 22 counties of Ireland (the remaining 6 counties became Northern Ireland)
irrigation system for bringing water to crops to stop them drying out
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Jamaica island in the Caribbean Sea that was once part of the British empire
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Khedive ruler of Egypt
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No Entry there is no entry for this letter
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