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The end of the British empire
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The key question in this gallery is: What factors caused the end of the British empire?
Your task is to look at each case study and decide what factors led to the end of British rule in each area. Possible factors are:
1 The British left as soon as the local people wanted them to.
2 The British left because of the actions of important individuals.
3 Peaceful political protests forced the British out.
Armed resistance forced the British out.
The British wanted to leave because the area was causing them problems.
The British left because they felt the country was ready to rule itself democratically.
You may think of other factors. Also, remember that in some case studies some of these factors may not be relevant.
For each case study you could create a diagram like this one. In this version the 6 factors are seen as equally important. As you look at each case study you may decide to include other factors as well. We've included a recording sheet that you can download to your own computer and use.
Recording sheet
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