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Living in the British empire - migration
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Case Study 6: Living in the British empire - migration
This case study looks at sources about people who moved to a different part of the empire to live. The British empire brought about the migration of millions of people over hundreds of years. Many people were forced to migrate and migrants often had harsh and dangerous lives. On the other hand, migration brought new opportunities for millions. Sometime even those who were forced to migrate ended up better off as a result. So, migration is not a simple issue - it is controversial and complicated. Study each of the sources carefully and look for ways in which they support or contradict the positive view of British rule given in the first case study in this gallery.
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1. Letter asking for help to emigrate, 1823   2. Advertisement for lands in Canada, 1826   3. Notice on migration to the West Indies, 1845   4. Illustrations of the Irish situation, 1847-51
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5. Emigration of reform school boys, 1871   6. Plan to help emigration from Ireland, 1883   7. Cartoon on Chinese in South Africa, 1905   8. Report on Dr Barnardo’s charity work, 1915
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