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Part of a government proclamation about ownership of gold in Australia, 1851
(Catalogue ref: CO 201/444)
Whereas by Law, all Mines of Gold and all Gold in its natural place of deposit, within the Territory of New South Wales, whether on the Lands of the Queen or of any of Her Majesty's subjects, belong to the Crown: And whereas information has been received by the Government that Gold exists upon and in the soil of the County of Bathurst, and elsewhere within the said Territory, and that many persons have commenced, or are about to commence, searching and digging for the same, for their own use, without leave or other authority from Her Majesty:; Now, I, SIR CHARLES AUGUSTUS FITZ ROY, the Governor aforesaid, on behalf of Her Majesty, do hereby publicly notify and declare, that all persons who shall take from any Lands within the said Territory, any Gold Metal, or Ore containing Gold, or who within any of the Waste Lands which have not yet been alienated by the Crown, shall dig for and disturb the soil in search of such Gold Metal or Ore, without having been duly authorised in that behalf, by Her Majesty's Colonial Government, will be prosecuted, both Criminally and Civilly, as the Law allows: And I further notify and declare, that such Regulations as, upon further information, may be found expedient, will be speedily prepared and published, setting forth the terms on which Licenses will be issued for this purpose, on the payment of a reasonable fee.
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