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Living in the British empire - the British view
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Case Study 1: Living in the British empire - the British view
Here are just a few of the views expressed about British rule in the 1800s:
    'There has never been anything so great in the world's history as the British empire, so great an instrument for the good of humanity.' (Lord Curzon, British Viceroy of India, 1898-1905)

    'English supremacy should last until the end of time, because it means universal freedom, universal liberty, emancipation from everything degrading.' (Alexander Mackenzie, Prime Minister of Canada, 1873-78)

    'Without the empire we would be victims of world politics, pushed and bullied. Being part of the empire is both our sword and our shield.' (William Hughes, Prime Minister of Australia, 1915-23)
The sources in this case study contain examples of the British viewpoint. Study them closely and see what impression they give you of life in the British empire.
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1. Newsreel film of British empire leaders, 1926   2. Poster: ‘Empire Builders’, 1927   3. Poster: ‘Highways of Empire’, 1927   4. Poster: ‘Jungles Today are Gold Mines Tomorrow’
5   6   7    
5. Poster: ‘The Empire Shop, 1927   6. Poster: ‘The Empire is Still in Building’   7. Comments on the British empire, 1938    
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