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The rise of the British empire - Australia
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Extract from the log book of Captain Cook in 1770 describing what he saw in Australia
(Catalogue ref: ADM 55/40 f165)
Catalogue ref: ADM 55/40 f165; extract from Cook's log, 1770
How to use this source
Study this source carefully. Different parts of the source will contain clues about why the British became empire builders in Australia. As you study the source, ask yourself:
  • What information does Cook provide about the people living in Australia (New Holland)?
  • How does Cook think they are different from Europeans?
  • How would you describe Cook's attitude towards them?
  • How reliable do you think this is as a source of information about these people?
  • What does this source suggest about Cook's reasons for travelling to Australia?
  • What clues does this source provide about why the British became empire builders in Australia?
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