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Extracts from the records of the Royal Africa Company on the supply of slaves to Barbados in 1676
(Catalogue ref: CO 268/1)
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Catalogue ref: CO 268/1; Royal Africa Company records on slave trade to Barbados, 1676
How to use this source
Study this source carefully. Different parts of the source will contain clues about why the British became empire builders in Africa. As you study the source, ask yourself:
  • What are the sugar planters of Barbados complaining about?
  • Where do they get their workers from and why is this issue causing them a problem?
  • What is the Royal African Company doing to upset them?
  • Does the Company accept the allegations?
  • What clues does this source provide about the treatment of slaves?
  • What does the source tell historians about the importance of the trade between Britain, the West Indies and Africa?
  • What clues does this source provide about why the British became involved in Africa?
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