Making the Empire Christmas Pudding (CO 956/62)

Our professional development programme gives teachers access to our unique collections and supports them in developing new source-based activities. We have combined the expertise of our education team with that of university academics and record specialists to produce groundbreaking opportunities for teachers to develop their skills. Our past projects include:

Sussex Teacher Scholar Scheme 2012: The Dawn of Affluence: British Living Standards 1900-1960

In 2012, the University of Sussex funded a Teacher Scholar Scheme, delivered in partnership with The National Archives. Seven teachers from schools across the UK had the opportunity to learn about the transition from poverty to affluence in Britain during the 20th century. Average living standards increased by about eight-fold in this period. The teachers explored how and why living standards increased and what this meant for the experience of ordinary households.

The teachers carried out their own research into living standards and worked towards the creation of original learning resources. This was based on the archival collections held by The National Archives and findings of researchers at the University of Sussex. Following approval by an editorial board, these resources have been published on The National Archives' website.

The teachers attended a two-day workshop, run by historians and economists from the University of Sussex and record specialists from The National Archives. The teachers then carried out further collaborative work on a study tour of Liverpool and Manchester. Preserved streets and houses displaying 20th century features were visited as well as record collections and museums, which allowed the teachers to explore further questions about everyday life for working families.

Explore our Sussex Teacher Scholar Scheme resources.

Roehampton MA course 2012

This groundbreaking course, run in partnership with Roehampton University, gave history teachers in both the primary and secondary sectors the chance to create bespoke enquiries for students based on original documents from The National Archives.

Course participants had to:

  • analyse educational research about children's understanding of historical evidence
  • evaluate The National Archives' education workshops in the light of this research
  • create their own engaging, challenging task based upon documents from the archives, aimed at increasing students' understanding of evidence

View our Roehampton MA course resources.

Transatlantic Teachers Programme 2011/2012

The National Archives and the University of Virginia ran a Transatlantic Teachers Programme in 2011 and 2012. British and American teachers worked in partnership through a virtual learning environment, and carried out their own research. By the end of the programme, each teacher had created learning resources based on original documents from the collections of The National Archives and the University of Virginia. Have a look at the resources produced by teachers:

The transatlantic slave trade

Nations in Conflict: World War I and World War II will be published online in the near future.