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The Essex Secret Bunker

In 1951, Furze Hill in Essex was one of a chain of new Anti Aircraft Operations Rooms (AAOR) throughout Britain, housed in concrete bunkers, and used as a command centre for the deployment and firing of anti-aircraft defences. Advances in science made most of these centres redundant within 3 years. However, in order to meet government requirements, Essex County Council purchased the Furze Hill site to use as its Emergency Headquarters in event of a nuclear war. With the end of the Cold War, the secret bunker, now part of the local landscape, has been renovated and opened to visitors. The following images will give you a 'virtual tour' of Furze Hill HQ in full readiness for nuclear attack.

We are very grateful to Dr. James Fox for allowing us to take pictures in the Essex Secret Bunker and for providing text for the bunker section.

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