Cold War
SEATO Anti-Communist alliance founded in 1954 including Australia, Britain, France, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, and the United States
Façade False front, usually for a building
Coalition Alliance, joining together
Agrarian Land, farming
Nationalism Movement of a nation of people to rule themselves
Adjacent Next to
Bloc Group of allied countries
Infiltration Moving in to an area secretly
Arresting stopping
Contemplate Think about
Elapse Go by
Deterred Put off
Pledge Promise
Hitherto This far
Vietnamisation building up and supporting South Vietnam forces to resist the Viet Cong
Stalemate Situation where neither side can win
Chemical weapons Weapons like gas and poison to kill trees and leaves
Defoliant Chemical sprayed (usually from planes) to kill plant growth which Viet Cong used as cover
Mediation Helping two sides to discuss differences
Deplore Strongly criticise or disapprove
Impolitic A bad idea (in terms of politics)
Negotiations Talks
Overtly Openly
Hostilities Fighting
Morale Confidence, fighting spirit
Materiel Equipment
Theatre Military term meaning an area where fighting happened
Attrition losses