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3a Read this summary of President Johnson's initiative:
He was offering to restrict US bombing. This was a concession to North Vietnam. The aim of this was so that they would begin peace negotiations, because they refused to talk unless the bombing stopped.
Is this an accurate summary of what the Foreign Secretary said?
3b What did Johnson want the USSR and Britain to do?
3c What was the great danger if Johnson's peace initiative failed?

Analysis and Interpretation
This is a British document.
  • Does it give you any impression of American attitudes towards the war by 1968?
  • Is it a good source for examining American attitudes?

3e Why does Britain seem to be in a difficult position in terms of its attitude towards the USA?

Case Study Question
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The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 3.
What does Source 3 suggest about why the USA found it hard to get out of Vietnam?
Does it provide evidence of military, political or both types of factors?
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Notes from British Cabinet discussions of the war in Vietnam, 1968

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Notes from British Cabinet discussions of the war in Vietnam, 1968