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Work online using a word editor
3a Give two reasons why Eisenhower believed Indochina was important to the USA.
3b Summarise the Domino principle in your own words.

Analysis and Interpretation 3c Is Eisenhower's explanation based on moral principles or political ones? Explain your answer.
3d Think about all of the points which Eisenhower makes in this document.
  • Does the Domino Theory seem logical?
  • Does Eisenhower provide convincing evidence to support the theory?
  • Would you have accepted the Theory in 1954?
  • Would you accept it now?

Case Study Question
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The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 3.
Have they provided you with any evidence or ideas which will help you answer the Big Question in this Gallery?
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US President Eisenhower explaining the Domino Theory in 1954

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US President Eisenhower explaining the Domino Theory in 1954