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Work online using a word editor
1a Describe the scenes which show the marines landing - are they being opposed?
1b Is there any evidence of them being opposed elsewhere in the clip?

Analysis and Interpretation

1c What evidence does this film clip provide historians with, about:

  • US technology, firepower and equipment
  • US tactics?

1d In what ways is this a useful source for historians studying Viet Cong tactics?
1e How might the voice over to this clip sound if it were being used for a news programme in:

  • America
  • Britain
  • North Vietnam?

Case Study Question
Fill out the relevant line of your Case Study Worksheet.

The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 5.
Have they provided you with any evidence or ideas which will help you answer the Big Question in this Gallery?
If they have, note them down on your Case Study Worksheet.
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British news film showing US Marines landing at Da Nang in Vietnam in 1965

A French news film from late 1950 which