On the 4th February, 1962 at 1130 GMT.
This is the VOND broadcasting on Channel I Sound only.

Here we are continuing our interviews with the following members of the Committee
of 100:-
(names unintelligible)

There now follows a discussion between two members to give their impressions when
interviewing people about nuclear disarmament... They also discussed the effect
of the Press etc, upon people thinking.

1st man: Well, there is a thing built up by the Press in anti CND cartoons.

2nd man: Well, I think that if they can see and talk about the bomb do you
feel this …………… Recently he had read about a lot of bus conductors who left their buses to join a queue for smallpox vaccinations, Well, now this fall-out is obviously doing the same amount of damage in the long run. The possibility of catching smallpox is just as much a danger to human beings if you have a vivid sense of imagination.

1st man: Well, I quite agree with that. I think for instance the scare about the milk a month ago probably made more people think about this than 6000 speeches or 20,000 articles.

2nd man:….. practical in the idea that the milk bottle left every morning on the doorstep might affect one's children. I think the great difficulty is to make people think in concrete terms about the bomb and the outcome.

1st man: No, you have got to find out ........... The importance of the sitdown in Trafalgar Square is that it is obviously concrete. You think that the people themselves who you are talking to are solidly against such demonstrations. You think what is going on in their minds, they are people who have children too and yet it seems to affect them so little. They are so wrapped up in themselves.

Woman: You have been listening to the VOND. We will be on the air next and every Sunday at 11,30 in the morning. In view of the impending trial under the Official Secrets Act of several members of the Committee of 100, the VOND will be making special broadcasts next and every Saturday and Sunday evening after closedown.

On the 9th February, 1962 at 2313 GMT.
This recording contained the same material as that on the 10th February, 1962.