This report, concerning the activities of the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, is submitted for the information of the director of Public Prosecutions; the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire County Constabulary; and the Home Office.

The first session was held on Saturday between 2.30pm and 6.30pm, and proceedings continued on Sunday at 10am and ended at 2pm. About sixty people attended the first session and forty five the second session. The proceedings were orderly and dignified.

The chair was taken on both days by Mrs Damaria Parker-Rhodes, East Anglia Regional Delegate to the Co-ordinating Committee of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. With her on the platform for the first session were:
Ian Edward Dixon
Anthony Frederick (Tony) Weaver

She was supported on the platform on Sunday by:
Ian Edward Dixon
Brigid Youngday
John Dennithorne
Terence Chivers

Mrs Parker Rhodes opened by outlining the purpose of the campaign; the intention of the Direct Action Committee to demonstrate at Harrington by attempting to enter the rocket site and to reclaim symbolically the site for peaceful purposes by planting a tree there.

She stressed the necessity of non violence, and the fact that Committee were being frank with the authorities.

In conclusion, Mrs Parker-Rhodes pleaded for formality of attire, so as not to give the general public the impression that the demonstrators were a 'lot of cranks' but were, indeed, a cross section of the British public making a genuine protest against genocide.