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1a What is happening to the CND leader Bertrand Russell?
1b Why do you think he is being marched off to Siberia?

Analysis and Interpretation
1c This cartoon is critical of CND and the USSR. Explain how you know this.
1d Which do you think is the main point of the cartoonist:
  • CND is a stupid organisation
  • CND is in league with the USSR
  • CND is unpatriotic?

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    The Big Question
    Look at your answers to the questions on source 1.
  • Which question / questions does this source provide helpful information about?
  • Do you think you will use any extracts from this source in your soundtrack?
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    Cartoon published in Daily Mail, 28 February 1961 (Associated Newspapers/British Cartoon Archive).

    Cartoon published in Daily Mail, 28 February 1961