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Work online using a word editor
6a According to the source, how did the Cuban Crisis affect students and adults in Britain?
6b What does this source tell us about press coverage?
6c What does it suggest about how the public saw the Cuban Crisis?

Analysis and Interpretation
6d This source is not about the Cuban Crisis directly. Does that make it a weak source for historians?
6e Compare this source with Source 7. To what extent did the general public have a different impression of the crisis from the impression of the Cabinet?

Case Study Question
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The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 6.
  • Which question / questions does this source provide helpful information about?
  • Do you think you will use any extracts from this source in your soundtrack?
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    One person's memories of the Cuban Crisis in October 1962 (Liz Lochead)

    One person's memories of the Cuban Crisis in October 1962