Germany today. Barbed wire running like a scar across the land, dividing East from West. British Calendar focuses on the Berlin situation and examines how Mr Khrushchev's threat to change the status of Berlin is a threat also to free people everywhere. These East German watch towers are not watching the West - they are watching for East Germans who would quit their country. It's a dangerous game here when Russia announced she was to change the status of Berlin 2000 refugees a day risked everything to reach West Berlin. The frightened East Germans reacted by sealing off East Berlin in an attempt to keep by force those who would not stay by choice.

What kind of people are they, these refugees who come to this camp, bringing their world with them in a suitcase? These are not refugees from hunger or poverty - they are reasonably well fed and clothed. They are fleeing from oppression of the mind. They long to say what they think; to vote freely. Most are young. Nearly 3 000 000 have left East Germany for the West in the last Twelve years - and the great majority come through the gateway to freedom in West Berlin first to this camp, then to the airport, and then to West Germany and a new life.