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Work online using a word editor
3a Write your own sound track to go with the events and images shown in this news clip.
Main sections and times Images shown Your soundtrack

Analysis and Interpretation
3b How would you have felt if you were a Berliner watching these scenes at the time?
3c If you were making a propaganda film for the West, how would you use these scenes?
3d How would the USSR respond to your propaganda?

Case Study Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 3.
Which category / categories does it fit in your worksheet?

The Big Exhibition
Do you think you will use this source in your exhibition?
What are its strengths and weaknesses?
Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4Source 5Source 6

News film of the building of the Berlin wall and the reactions of Berliners to the wall going up, 1961(ITN Archive).

News film of the building of the Berlin wall