1 Refugees

The Chairman said that numbers had recently considerably increased and the commandants were conscious of a great increase in the strain on the existing machinery. They were doing all they could to see that no delays occurred

Since last Monday the Allies had all decided to work a seven day week as long as this remained necessary and they would do all they possibly could to make the whole process work smoothly.

The Governing Mayor said he was most grateful for this assurance. A fortnight ago some difficulties had arisen through Departments not working on Saturdays but this was now settled and he had no objections whatever in the light of the decisions made. He still however, was of the opinion that there were too many offices involved and that a good solution would be the setting up of a new reception centre and a general agreement as to which offices should be established there. It was not reasonable that there should be as many as eight Intelligence Offices involved and there was also too much bureaucratic delay. This was not however a problem which could be solved at the moment. What was needed was to concentrate on the measures necessary to cope with an increased inflow of something over 3000 a week - the drop in numbers in the last day or two was not expected to last.