The question of the co-ordination of economic planning has lately become more important, namely between the USSR and the People's Democracies of Europe. Already in the past good trade relations with countries of the Socialist bloc have been established, and an effective exchange of scientific and technological experience has been attained.

The economic co-operation of the past, however, failed to get beyond individual questions. Being an industrially developed country with a high standard of living, Czechoslovakia must serve as an example for the benefit of the working people in the West. Through co-ordination of plans among countries of the Socialist bloc and agreement on the division of tasks in industry and agriculture, as well as in the field of science and technology, these particular countries and the entire Socialists bloc will be strengthened.

We, ie the Czechoslovak Republic, have to add our contribution towards the stabilisation of the Socialist camp, first of all by a further development of political and economic ties with the Soviet Union and with the People's Democracies. One of our most important tasks will be to improve relations with our brothers in China and Yugoslavia.