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Work online using a word editor
5a According to the report what have been the economic successes in the USSR and Eastern European states?
5b What are the future priorities?
5c What was so special about Czechoslovakia?

Analysis and Interpretation

5d Do you think the writer is a bit sceptical about the booklet he is summarising? Explain your answer.
5e A complaint before 1955 was that economic co-ordination meant producing in Eastern Europe for the benefit of the USSR:

  • Does the Communist party booklet suggest this has changed?
  • Does the report writer believe that this situation has really changed?

Case Study Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 5.
Which category / categories does it fit in your worksheet?

The Big Exhibition
Do you think you will use this source in your exhibition?
What are its strengths and weaknesses?
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A report produced for the Foreign Office on the origins of Czech discontent with Soviet control, 1956. It is a summary of a Communist party booklet.

A Foreign Office report on the origins of Czech discontent with Soviet control, 1956