Few political conferences can ever have held out less hope for the future than the Hungarian Party Congress … the Kadar regime has given notice that, despite the complete disenchantment and apathy of the people, the Communisation of the country is to proceed without any relaxation of police State methods.

Soviet troops are to remain in the country and with this promise of continued backing from Moscow the harsh measures to suppress dissidence and enforce conformity are to continue - particularly amongst the young and the intelligentsia where unorthodoxy is most prevalent - and the protests of the free world will be defied as before.

Further improvements in the country's economic situation and the people's standard of living may be expected - but always in conformity with, and subordinate to, the requirements of Soviet bloc plans, which may not always coincide with the welfare of the Hungarian people. In particular, the resumption of the collectivisation drive will cause hardships

The Congress has probably confirmed most Hungarians in their feeling that the endurance contest which they are waging against the re-imposition of Soviet Communism will be very long and very hard.

No Soviet Withdrawal
For several months prior, it was strongly rumoured that there would be an announcement at the Congress of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops … who have remained in Hungary since they crushed the October, 1956, Uprising. But such hopes were dashed by Kadar in his opening speech …