I The enemy

(a) Morale
Although outnumbered, using inferior equipment, and harassed night and day by aircraft and naval gunfire, the North Korean forces continued to fight stubbornly until United Nations troops were ordered to disengage and withdraw. Given the slightest chance the enemy attacked.

There is no doubt that propaganda had convinced the North Koreans of death by shooting when captured …

(d) Weapons
The enemy had the following Russian made weapons:

  1. T-34 tanks, but so few that they were used as mobile artillery. The terrain was in any case difficult for tanks.
  2. 76mm self propelled guns
  3. 46mm anti tank guns
  4. 120mm mortars. A formidable weapon with a maximum range of 6240 yards and an excellent substitute for artillery in mountainous country. (Photograph D).

(e) Transport
Apart from locally impressed ox carts, the basic vehicle was the Russian 3 ton 4x4 truck. Many of these were captured by the ROK's who found them excellent.

Many Russian made jeeps were captured and used, but these are much inferior to the United States version.

(g) Administration
The enemy were all well supplied with arms and ammunition from 120mm mortars downwards. All men had yellow quilted uniforms and arctic headgear …

Combat rations seemed to be rice balls and rice candy, both in good supply.