Cold War
Impotence Being powerless
Unscrupulous Being untrustworthy
Culmination Ending
Coup d'etat Revolution, usually carried out by force
Conviction belief
Capitalist Economic system based on a free trading market rather than an economy controlled by the state
Avert Avoid
Reconstruction Rebuilding
Ideological Based on ideas (ie Communism)
Subservient Under the control of
Infiltration Sneaking in
Object Aim
Commonwealth Former British Empire countries, usually friendly to Britain
Inclination Tendency
Colossal Huge
Yoke Burden
Aspirations hopes
Counterblast Reaction
Ostensibly Apparently
Interventionist One of the groups which intervened against the Communists in the Russian Civil War of 1918-21
Reactionary Opposed to the revolution, usually meaning opposed to Communism
Red herring Pointless distraction
Encirclement surrounding