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Work online using a word editor
1a There are 8 paragraphs in this source. Read each paragraph and give it a short heading which summarises what it says. Here are a few suggestions (but not in the right order!).
  • Churchill expressing his personal views
  • Introduction
  • Need for Soviet security
  • Stalin going too far in controlling Eastern Europe
  • Uncertainty about what the Soviets are up to

  • Analysis and Interpretation
    1b What evidence is there that this speech was approved by US President Truman?
    1c What positive comments does Churchill make about the USSR?
    1d What negative comments does he make?
    1e Churchill's comments about Russian attitudes to strength were highly controversial. Why do you think this was?

    Case Study Question
    Fill out the relevant line of your Case Study Worksheet.

    The Big Question
    Look at your answers to the questions on source 1.
  • Has this source given you any ideas about awkward questions to ask the leaders?
  • What evidence have you found which you think they will find hard to explain?
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    Extracts from Churchill's Iron curtain speech given in the USA in March 1946

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