Fundamental Principles
5 The Soviet leaders are inspired by the conviction that the capitalist world is bound to collapse. They are also convinced that capitalist governments are likely eventually to resort to force against the Soviet union in an attempt to avert their own collapse. The Soviet government believe it to be their duty to protect the Soviet union against such attacks by hastening the elimination of capitalism in all parts of the world as a long term policy to ensure by all possible means the security of the USSR ….

Resultant policy
11 Against this background, the long term ideological struggles and the immediate search for security described in paragraph 5 above, manifest themselves in present Soviet policy in the simultaneous pursuit of five main objectives:

First, the reconstruction of Soviet economy and its development to a point where it will rival and eventually outstrip that of the United States.

Secondly, the establishment of a protective belt of subservient countries round the frontiers of the Soviet Union.

Thirdly, the avoidance of a major war, at least until circumstances are judged to be sufficiently favourable to the Soviet Union.

Fourthly, the continued aggressive promotion of communism throughout the world under Moscow's direction.

Fifthly, the disintegration and weakening of the capitalist world wherever possible, both by political infiltration and the promotion of unrest at home and in colonial territories …