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Work online using a word editor
6a Look at section 1. What sections tell you that this document is controversial?
6b According to section 2, what will it take to defeat Russia?

Analysis and Interpretation
6c Do you think the British and American public would have supported this plan?
6d How would they have reacted to using German forces against the USSR?
6e The plan was called Operation Unthinkable. Do you get the impression that it was never really considered seriously? As you answer this, think about the tone of this source, the other sources in this Gallery and your own knowledge of the topic.

Case Study Question
Fill out the relevant line of your Case Study Worksheet.

The Big Question
Look at your answers to the questions on source 6.
Have they provided you with any evidence or ideas which will help you answer the Big Question in this Gallery?
Have you found any extracts or images which you might use in your storyboard?
Make sure you note down your ideas so you don't forget them.
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Part of a report from British military leaders to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, regarding a plan called 'Operation Unthinkable' - a surprise attack on the USSR, 1945

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