The Chicago Tribune has recently opened up a barrage on Soviet Russia. I have sent down clippings of these editorials to the embassy and the New York Office. I have also attempted to find out the causes and results of this most recent campaign.

1. On the face of it, the campaign is an attempt to prove that the United Nations owe no loyalty and very little gratitude to Soviet Russia. The USSR is represented as being an aggressive and almost entirely amoral power. It is pointed out that she only entered the war because of Hitler's attack, and was not in any way opposed to Germany or Fascism on moral grounds. "A starkly realistic attitude" sees Russia as an equal menace to world security with Germany. As evidence of Russia's aggressive tendencies, attention is drawn to the recent dispute with Poland over boundaries, the absorption of the Baltic states in 1940, and the war with Finland in 1939. As evidence of Russia's untrustworthiness, it is pointed out that Russia has not yet even opened a second front in the Pacific.

2. 3rd March I had a long private conversation, lasting some three hours, with Mr Leon Stolz, Editorial Editor of the Tribune. He at once raised the question of Russia's future intentions. I asked him why he was so interested in that problem now. He replied that the end of the war in Europe was obviously near and people had to be awakened to the menace of Bolshevism.