The recent Moscow Conference of the three Ministers for Foreign Affairs showed convincingly that the firm alliance which has been created between the USA, the USSR and Great Britain can solve the most complex tasks during the war and for the organisation of peace. Now, in the course of the common struggle, this collaboration has reached the moment when the President of the USA, the leader of the people of the USSR and the head of the British Government have gathered together for the first time for the solution of the basic problems of war and peace. For four days, at a round table meeting, the most important statesmen of our time got together, exchanged views, and took decisions. They achieved complete agreement on the questions relating to the conduct of the war and on the most important problems of the post war world order. All the peace loving peoples awaited this meeting with hope. Our enemies were terrified of such a meeting.

The conference discussed the tasks of waging the war against Germany as well as several very important political questions. The conference adopted a declaration on the joint conduct of the war against Germany and on post war collaboration between the three powers, and also a declaration on Iran. The common understanding which has been attained between the leaders of the Three powers in the words of the declaration, "guarantees that victory will be ours".