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What was the official view of the relationship between Britain, the USA and the USSR during the Second World War?

The Big Question in this gallery focuses on the relationship between the wartime allies Britain, the USA and the USSR. As you look at this area, it is worth remembering that in 1939-40 Stalin appeared to be just as much a villain as Hitler.
  • In August 1939 Soviet leader Stalin signed a Non- Aggression Pact with German leader, Adolf Hitler.
  • In September 1939 Hitler and Stalin both attacked Poland and divided the country up between them.
  • In November 1939 the USSR attacked Finland.
  • In June-July 1940 the USSR invaded and took control of Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

But in June 1941 everything changed. Hitler turned on Stalin and invaded the USSR. The decisive conflict of World War 2 began, which Stalin won, but at a terrible cost. The sources in this area look at how the allies worked together, and how the allies wanted their own people to see this co-operation.

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The Case Study Worksheet will help you to organise your answer to this question.

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