It is quite true - and we have always felt - that we get nothing out of the Soviet government by any remonstrances (protests) simply because these quite shameless liars merely deny everything however clearly established (in other words, even though there is overwhelming proof). On the other hand, there is much force in the view that our best and only defence against these treacherous proceedings is publicity (in other words, publishing the Zinoviev letter). It does not seem fair to our own people (the people of Britain) that our (the government's) knowledge of these Russian machinations should remain forever concealed.

It was agreed in virtue of the formula respecting propaganda, enclosed in the memorandum of the 29th May 1923 (see useful notes), that the Soviet government should not support with funds, or in any other form, persons or bodies or agencies or institutions whose aim is to spread discontent or to foment rebellion in any part of the British empire. We cannot really rest content with the ridiculous assertion of the Soviet Government that they give no support whatever to the Third International.

I think therefore that we should do two things: (1) address to M Rakovsky (Soviet representative in Britain) a formal note of protest with a request for the definite stoppage of this propaganda of the most violent and indefensible kind and (2) give full information to our press.